Video Walls 

expertly built video walls can provide a great ambience in a lobby of any corporate reception. 
This is the 4 x 3 wide screen format requested by a prominent technology company in Sydney. Using 12 55inch ACER screens running at 700NIT output for a bold impact statement.

Digital Signage Deployment

Here we get our hands dirty and installed our latest 2.2m outdoor kiosk designed to provide information to travellers heading into Hurstville station. Our team designed the kiosk and it was fabricated in Sydney using the latest laser technology. Samsung OH55F screen and Smartsign working to deliver the content and give council the control they wanted.

Simple Solutions

We pride ourselves on being reliable and committed delivering results that make our customers smile. All to often the technology takes priority over the human. We always strive to make our technology there to serve our fellow humans.
Our clients Inscape Projects needed a simple manageble guest check in and check out solution which also provided some safety messages.

Meeting Rooms Management Solution

The use of managed meeting rooms is a booming area and we are able to design meeting room solutions where the rooms can be booked, technology activated and great meetings had. 
We deploy SharingCloud solutions both hardware and software.

Because we're experienced, reliable, and focused on results, we've had the privilege of working with a host of fantastic clients.

Hotel TV Deployment

We have a dedicated team of tech's who are experts in deploying technology into hotel rooms both new and refurbished ones.
We  totally get that your hotel doesn't close so we work around your guests and your hotels needs.
Our aim is to deliver the technology "fuss free".